Strategic Income Approach

Your situation is unique. Your financial strategy should be, too.

A retirement plan for everyone

Your situation is probably different than that of your parents. Or your neighbors. Or your coworkers. Our goal is to build a plan that is as unique as you.

Most of our clients fall into one of the categories below (of course, the details vary from person to person).

Identifying how you’re similar to (or different from) the categories below will give us a starting point for our discussions together.

  • 1

    A healthy, active person who wants to do more of the things they love

    Whatever your hobby or passion, you want to feel confident that you have the income to support your lifestyle. Getting a proper financial strategy in place can help you feel confident that you can do the things you want to do. For those who fall in this category, we usually recommend a financial strategy that should stress stability, income and the possibility of asset growth.

  • 2

    Those facing medical issues that will impact their financial decisions

    Medical bills can be stressful. Our team can help you arrange for steady, lifetime income and principal protection.

  • 3

    Adult children who hold power of attorney (POA) or those with an adult child who will one day manage their finances

    Whether you’re a child with Power of Attorney or a parent planning to turn over control in the future, there are many things to consider. We can help facilitate that discussion, so everyone is on the same page.

  • 4

    Widowed or single retirees who are independent

    A common concern of retirees is being a burden on those they care about. We will work with you to do everything we can to ensure you stay independent using financial strategies that provide guaranteed income that lasts as long as you.


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