We’ll help you pinpoint what your ideal retirement looks like.

How much money you need in retirement depends solely on you: Your lifestyle, your bucket list, your values.

We take your goals very seriously and developed a comprehensive process for getting to the core of what you really want and need from retirement. Because when we get a clear idea of what you want, we can help you achieve it.

Our 7-Step Goal-Setting Process

  • 1


  • 2

    Conduct Initial Discussion

  • 3

    Review Resources

  • 4

    Review Potential Financial Solutions

  • 5

    Establish Game Plan

  • 6

    Take Action

  • 7

    Receive Ongoing Support

1. Empower

Knowledge is power. Our goal at Safe Retirement Solutions is to help you make more informed decisions so you can fully understand the solutions we offer.

Before we talk about your goals, we’ll first provide you with multiple resources — things like reports, videos and guides — that will help you get a firm grip on your financial situation and the various types of products available. All of our resources are available to you at no cost, regardless of whether you decide to work with Safe Retirement Solutions.

2. Conduct Initial Discussion

Let’s talk.

Our initial conversation can take place wherever is convenient — in your home or workplace, in our office, or another location of your choosing.

During our discussion, we’ll ask lots of questions to get details about your ideal retirement dreams and help you determine the answer to these key questions:

  • What do you need?
  • How important is guaranteed income to you?

Our questions may prompt you to uncover possibilities you may not have considered that could potentially impact your retirement.

3. Review Resources

Once we know what you hope to accomplish, we look at your available resources. This will give us an idea of the solutions that are available to you.

4. Review Potential Financial Solutions

When it’s time to talk specifics, we’ll go about seeking financial products, like life insurance products or annuities, that would be a good fit for your goals. We go beyond products that will simply be “sufficient” and look for the best products for your unique set of circumstances.

5. Establish Game Plan

Once we’ve explored all of the options available, we will present a proposed game plan that will help you work toward your goals. We will answer any questions you have, ensuring you can make an informed decision.

6. Take Action

What to do with your money is your decision and yours alone. During this step, we’ll help you decide how you would like to move forward. We want you to feel confident in your choice, so we give you as much time as you need to decide which, if any, of the products we’ve presented fit your goals.

7. Receive Ongoing Support

Should you decide to work with Safe Retirement Solutions, we will work with you to finalize your strategy. From there, we want you to relax. We wish to establish a life-long relationship with you, one where we continuously keep in touch to make sure your money is doing what you want it to.

Should your goals or situation change, we can make any adjustments you feel are necessary.


Ready to Take The Next Step?

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