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Estate Planning in Baltimore: A Brief Overview

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Estate planning is one of the most important parts of planning for the unexpected. Many people procrastinate about the decisions that need to be made about their estate and if one is unprepared, your beneficiaries may feel disenfranchised when it comes time to deal with your estate.

According to the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils, more than 120 million Americans do not have up-to-date estate plans to protect themselves or their families in the event of sickness, accidents, or death.

By definition, estate planning is a process designed to help you manage and preserve your assets while you are alive, and to conserve and control their distribution after your death according to your goals and objectives. But what estate planning means to you specifically depends on who you are.

Your age, health, wealth, lifestyle, life stage, goals, and many other factors determine your particular estate planning needs. For example, you may have a small estate and may be concerned only that certain people receive particular things. A simple will is probably all you’ll need. Or, you may have a large estate, and minimizing any potential estate tax impact is your foremost goal. Here, you’ll need to use more sophisticated techniques in your estate plan, such as a trust.

Here are a few estate planning tips from Safe Retirement Solutions:

  • Prepare a will – If you don’t prepare a will, the laws that govern your domicile will determine who inherits what. This is important for non-financial resources such as your prized possessions that relatives may want. Making a will can ensure that your possessions get inherited by the correct people.
  • Create a trust – A trust will make sure that your funds are allocated to cover specific expenses after you’ve passed on. Expenses such as funeral costs, school loans, house payments and any other bills that are overdue can be adequately planned and paid for using a trust.
  • Minimize the impact of Estate & Income Taxes – Using tax-efficient strategies can help curb the costs of estate and income taxes. Strategies such as giving your saved-up wealth as a gift to beneficiaries or leaving your taxable assets to charities are both great ways to minimize the effects of these taxes. Talking with your local Annapolis estate planning professionals at Safe Retirement Solutions can help you figure out ways to avoid heavy taxes.


If you’re ready to plan your estate, that’s where we come in. The financial advisors in Annapolis at Safe Retirement Solutions can help you develop a diversified portfolio to help you make the most of your investments. The Baltimore financial advisors at Safe Retirement Solutions can help you determine what steps to take to make sure your estate is properly taken care of, and provide alternative retirement savings guidance. To get started, call 877-268-4086 or visit our website today!

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