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Asset Allocation: Balancing Your Investment Choices

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Balancing your portfolio is no easy task. It involves combining several different types of investments and finding a way to manage those investments properly. Remember, each type of investment is unique, with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. And each investment plays a specific role in your overall financial strategy. Sometimes, the combination of investments you choose can be just as important as your specific investments.

What to Consider When Selecting Investments

•      Some investments provide excellent growth potential

•      Some investments provide regular income

•      Some investments provide safety

•      Some investments serve as a temporary place to park your money

•      Some investments even try to fill more than one role

Because you probably have multiple needs and desires, you need some combination of investment types. And then, once you have determined which investments fit your needs, you must balance how much of each you should include. That balance between growth, income, and safety is called your asset allocation, and it can help you manage the level and type of risks you face.

Things to think about

1.    Don’t forget about the impact of inflation on your savings.

2.    Your asset allocation should balance your financial goals with your emotional needs.

3.    Your tax status might affect your asset allocation.

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